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  • Exhibition Alert

    Exhibition Alert

    Excited to share that two of my landscape pieces (Hana 9/25 and Hana 9/26) have been accepted into Lakewood Center for the Arts' Special exhibition "Brilliant; jewelers making statements" in Lake Oswego, Oregon! June 26-28 2020

  • new work

    I have started a new series of work. Through my "sketching" process I have been inspired by the subconscious landscapes that I have been creating through my "Copper Mache" work.The idea of landscape and my time in Hawaii have directly influenced this series. Last year I was deeply moved and inspired by the colors and textures around me in Hawaii. It was amazing to look at at mountain and to only see the texture of the very tops of the vegetation. I am working with the pictures from this trip to create these painterly pendants that will be then hung around the neck. Stay Tuned.

  • Under fire 2

    My work was recently chosen to exhibit in the exhibition Under fired 2 located in Worcester Massachusetts. The pieces chosen were Mixed Media 1 and Charcoal 1 of the Sketch Series.

  • The Flower Project

    My flower project feels like everything I've been interested in coming together for one exploration. I've always had a romantic look at marriage and weddings. I always thought I would get married 10 times just to have as many celebrations as I could. Three years ago, my senior thesis was based on memories, and creating moments that wouldn't decay. The first piece of this project was creating a copper and enamel bouquet that referenced my mothers bridal flower arrangement. Three years later, I'm finally finishing that piece by photographing myself in her wedding dress holding the bouquet I made. The next pieces are consisting of dresses I have found in thrift shops and then making bouquets to go with them, and documented through a photoshoot together. I hope this leads to brides reaching out to me to create their bridal bouquets. The bouquets will serve as a beautiful moment from their big day that will never fade.